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That was...



Epic fail spelling of Shuriken though... Dunno whether that was deliberate... :P


What more can I say?

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Very good!

And thanks once again for using my song! :)

Really good!

Great game!

Also, the guy below me was I think trying to ask you to be the guy in the collab, he/she wasn't just saying that randomly.

SiJaf responds:

Thanks :)

Great game!

I think maybe you could work on your art a little bit, but apart from that, I loved the game! Nice work, and thanks for using my song.

default0 responds:

So you did play it :)
Glad you liked it as much as I liked your song, and yes, my artwork is pretty much the worst on the whole portal lol

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One word


Nonetheless it was a very good song.

fireslice responds:

what's bad about mixcraft

It's very good...

But it's not perfect. You're a dubstep guy, not a trancy guy, and while you have done very well, it's nowhere as near as good as your WUB WUB WUB kinda stuff...

xKore responds:

I'll still be doing dubstep and stuff. I just think I shouldn't limit myself, or leave the people who like my older stuff out in the cold.

Thanks for the review though :)


Okay look I'm not gonna say it's the best piece of music ever composed, but considering you're not that used to FL studio, it's not that bad. I think people need to stop being so stupid and arrogant about your songs, I mean everybody starts somewhere. If you're struggling with FL Studio then I'd recommend going for something easier like Mixcraft, or even better GarageBand, but if you don't have a Mac, then Mixcraft's a good option. Keep going with your music, and good luck! :)

BackFyre responds:

I HATE garageband lol FL is probably the best, if I practice with a different software then I won't know this one. I made most of this BEFORE I found out about 3xosc, I only used it for one synth near the end. So most of this song is synths that came with FL. I'm now using a laptop that's too slow for stuff in FL to display that fast. So I think I have a little problem.

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